Quarantine Hula At Home

During this unprecedented time of the global health pandemic, we are continuing our Hula Fun at home!  While we miss not being able to dance with one another in person, we are grateful for the opportunity to continue our hula studies and comradery from the safety of our homes by having classes remotely.  ALOHA!

Hula Lessons in Issaquah!

Come hula with us!

What clients are saying


  • "What a wonderful Hawaiian Day celebration today, oh my!  It was plain perfect.  Many of our vendors and customers so look forward to it every year.  My thanks and gratitude to you for bringing the Aloha Spirit to Redmond Saturday Market!"  - Martha, Market Coordinator

  • "Thanks for your fabulous participation.  Two people independently shared with me that they were very moved (to tears) by your dance, and that they were surprised by their emotional response.  Suffice to say that you beautifully conveyed the heart and soul of Hula, and many were touched."  - Susan, Wellness Connect "Move & Groove Community Dance" organizer

  • "Thank you and your graceful dancers for making our party such a success.  Everyone had a wonderful time and your hula lessons were a big hit!" - Mary, Issaquah Highlands Travel Club

  • "Thank you very much for gracing our stage with your beautiful dancing!  I have heard wonderful praise for your performance from our families at Challenger Elementary.  It was lovely and I'm so glad that you all shared your art with us!"  - Emily, Cultural Festival chairman

  • "Thank you for the many years you have contributed to Abby's education.  Hula and her Hula Sisters have all molded her into an accomplished young woman.  Believe me - I'm grateful."  - Paula

  • "It meant so much  to me when I first moved to this area from Hawai`i to be able to find a place where I could continue to hula.  I enjoyed the "escape" it provided each week where I could practice and feel still connected to the islands.  It also was a means of meeting folks who have a real affection and connection for Hawai`i nei.  Mahalo nui for your excellent teaching.  Your love for hula is evident in your practice and I appreciate that you attend to the details that make the hula not just a rote performance but truly meaningful."  - Judith

  • "We had such a good time enjoying all you and your ladies' hard work and creativity, Laura.  So inspiring!"  - Karen

  • "The show rocked!!  I wanted to give you a huge Mahalo for a wonderful hula experience.  I love class!  I have learned so much from you and I have made some wonderful friends.  You have true Hawaiian spirit in your soul.  Looking forward to next year!!!"  - Wendy

  • "Hula class has been the one thing that calms me and starts me off on a real positive note to the work week.  I absolutely love it."  - Emi

  • Thank you for an incredible Ho`ike.  I appreciated all of your extra attention this year, whether with the solo dance, the additional practices, run-over time, or extra performances.  It certainly paid off.  Your note in the program just reminded me of each and every amazing Sunday evening of hula.  It warmed my heart.  There have been so many occasions where school and other obligations completely overwhelmed me, but dancing in class relieved all of my stress and anxiety.  Six years with your studio has created so many treasurable memories.  All of  us ladies have been so fortunate to learn from you.  My mom and I have always admired the beauty of your dancing.  I like to tell my friends how my hula instructor is eternally young, as your movements are so mesmerizing, and so too is your emotional connection to your dances.  The elegance is timeless.  Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience.  Mahalo nui loa, and a hui hou."  - Kirstin

  • "Just wanted to send you my heartfelt "Mahalo" for another wonderful year of hula learning with you and I felt tears streaming down my cheeks as I ended yesterday's Ho`ike.  I cannot thank you enough for being an amazing Kumu Hula!  All my friends expressed how much they enjoyed the Ho`ike, too!"  - Ryoko

  • "Thank you so much for the gift of dance to our community.  You were the highlight of the evening!"  - Sharon

  • "Just letting you know that I'll be back this year again for sure.  I love it.  The bond us girls (and new girls) made this  year has made the experience richer, and I can't wait to arrive at the studio to practice with them every week.  We have a texting tree, and are constantly chatting on it, about dances, chants, costumes, family, birthday wishes … Even now, in the summer, the chat thread blows up my phone about this or that, a  reminder that I've made a family at your studio."  - Melissa

  • "Just wanted to thank you for such a terrific class yesterday.  I really enjoyed it!  You're a wonderful and patient kumu ... and I love the other  haumana too.  I so look forward to everything we'll be doing."  - Nevada

  • "We are so blessed by the gift of hula you have given us!"  - Emily

  • "THANK YOU once again for all that you gave to Emily this year in hula class.  The final performance was stunning!"  - Karen

  • "When I got married, my dear husband promised to take me to Hawaii for our honeymoon.  We finally managed to go after 16 years in the fine company of our children.  Time flies, yes, but we had a really good time there and got to see hula dancing.  After coming back I looked at the hula dance scene in the Seattle area, and to my surprise I found the Melelani Hula Studio right here in Issaquah.  My first contact was Laura Bergstrom, the kumu of this dance school.  I was amazed by her knowledge, authenticity and commitment to pursue hula dancing in the PNW for the past 25 years.  I had a trial class and knew that that I had met some of the sweetest and helpful ladies in Issaquah.  It's a small little tribe of ladies and we practice and cheer through some really traditional and modern hula steps thanks to our kumu's patience and dedication.  Over the last few months, we have performed and entertained for various social and non profit causes.  It's always nice to see a smile in the audience when they are reminded of warm sandy Hawaiian beaches and the spirit of Aloha in the cold Seattle weather.  So if you are looking to try this traditional Polynesian dance form, I would highly recommend Melelani Hula Studio and invite you to try a class."  - Priya 

  • "The show was just amazing, with lovely dances and such great smiles from your dancers.  Thank you for such a great day."  - Elaine

  • "Mahalo to you for being wonderful you!  I have so enjoyed my time in class.  Our group has such camaraderie and hula spirit - I love it!  I can't wait for this next upcoming year.  You always seem to have a great vision as to how we pull costumes together!  Thanks for all you do, you have been an amazing kumu, and I love your classes.  Mahalo!!!"  - Wendy

  • "I had so much fun.  I love my hula sisters and this hālau.  We got rave reviews by my family and friends who were there."  - Cindy

  • "I had a great time dancing again learning the beautiful Island songs.  Thank you for the opportunity!"  - Sabrina

  • "What a wonderful Ho`ike this year!  All of my friends and family that attended were just amazed with how beautiful we all danced, some even brought to tears!  Our hard work and dedication really showed."  - Jessica

  • "Hey Laura, I wanted to thank you for such an INCREDIBLE Year!!  Classes were fun and we did an awesome job at the Ho`ike!  Thank you so much for a wonderful year of hula … it's like being in Hawai`i all year round!  Anyway, thank you so much and I can't wait to see you again in the Fall!  Thank you!!!"  - Sarah

  • "The Festival of Cultures was a great success!  Again, thank you so much for sharing the hula dance with us.  Everyone really enjoyed your show and instruction on how to move."  - Sue

  • "Just wanted to give you some feedback that tonight's class was EXCELLENT.  Thank you for reviewing the movements to the 1st and 2nd stanzas of 'These Islands'.  I'm looking forward to next week's class!"  - Celeste

  • "Mahalo for sharing your gift and passion for teaching hula!  We enjoyed the show so much, and so did many of Kyla's friends, teachers and family.  A comment I wanted to share with you came from two different friends that saw the show.  They especially enjoyed the kahiko dances because of your chanting, and the dances seemed 'more Hawaiian', unique, and authentic to them.  They also liked the `oli the women did.  Thank you again for everything."  - Carol

  • "I wanted to thank you and your dancers for the wonderful performance you gave us last Saturday.  It was so entertaining and so much fun to watch - it was clear how much you and your dancers enjoy what you do.  I look forward to bringing your group back next year for another summer lu`au!"  - Carmen, Director of Resident Services

  • "On behalf of Providence O'Christmas Trees and our residents, I would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU  for your participation in our Christmas Carnival event.  Your creativity and liveliness added such a wonderful dynamic to our holiday festivities.  We greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your talents with our community!"  - Jaime, Events Manager

  • "For the first time in my life I gathered up enough self confidence to perform hula in front of an audience.  Many mahalos to kumu hula Laura for teaching me this most beautiful art.  I will also be forever grateful for the friendships I have gained.  My hula sisters helped build my confidence so I could dance!"  - Karen

Join us!  We look forward to having you be part of our hula `ohana.

Join us!  We look forward to having you be part of our hula `ohana.